Saturday, January 15, 2011

Walk on the Beach

Walk on the Beach

Material:  5 x 7 acrylic paint on paper.
Status:  Gone to a good home.

Being a sailor's daughter, I love the water.  I also grew up with a fondness for gulls.  My grandmother used to call them Charlie - after Charles de Gaulle.  Long ago and far away, my sister and I found an injured gull....and in a moment of grand bravery, Bev wrapped her hoodie around it, and took it back to the cottage.  My grandfather was a doctor, and so we had it in our minds that we could fix Charlie up with whatever medical supplies we found in the closet.

"Charlie" lived in a cardboard box for a few hours until Mom convinced us that we were terrifying the poor creature.  We took it to the shore where it could feel at home. 

I like to think he made it to a lovely island and had a peaceful rest of his life.