Monday, March 19, 2012

Knight's Gift 2 - Silent Auction

Knight's Gift 2

The black frame is digital - the painting appears as below:

Knight's Gift 2

Materials:  Acrylic painting on 10x10 wrapped canvas.  Text around the outer frame reads:  Even after all these years the sun never says to the earth, "You owe me."  Look what happens to a love like that.  It lights up the whole sky.  (Hafiz).

Status:  This painting is currently on display at Crumsbys - Royal Oak in Victoria until the fundraising event for Subha Gill on April 6th, 2012.  Thank you Keith and Maria for helping to spread the word about this important community event! 

HOW TO ENTER A BID:   You can place bids via e-mail at - I will post the bids in the comment section here, as well as on facebook. 

For further details of the fundraiser go to:!/events/270651553012125/  For more details about Subha Gill:

On a Personal Note:  Subha's younger brother, Armaan, is in my son's class.  The class will be putting on bake sale in the next couple of weeks for the family.  This painting, the Knight's Gift, will be available through a silent auction - with full proceeds going to the family. 

Having been a little kid with a sick father, I know how important it is to know the community cares about you.  During my dad's illness (encephalitis, which caused brain injury when he was in his mid-thirties) I remember how the Great Lakes Pilots my father had worked with would raise money every Christmas for our family so my mother could have a little less stress at that time of year. 

Fast forward several years, to the birth of my youngest son, Aidan.  He was born with three holes in his heart.  We had just moved to Winnipeg, had no family there, and knew nobody.  Our neighbours were generous with their support and kindness, which meant the world to us.

Raising funds and awareness for families like Subha and Armaan is my small way of trying to 'pay it forward.'

Thanks for your support!

Carol N.